Basic Aerial best seller

We offer our best seller, the basic Aerial installation comes with one connection for £65 and then if you want another connection it is only £15 extra so two rooms in your house with an aerial connection for only £75 with a speedy professional installation. If you want more than two connections at your house you may need to use a more powerful Aerial, please see our other options.

Medium size aerial

This is our medium sized aerial it will support three or four connections depending on the strength of the signal in your area. For a single connection installation we would charge £85 with our basic £15 for additional connections, so if you go for the maximum of four connections you are looking at £130, which is an absolute bargain for a speedy professional installation and free TV throughout your house.

Large digital Aerial

This is a large digital aerial, it comes with 48 elements for improved reception, particularly in poor signal areas. This can support four connections depending on signal strength. We would charge £100 for a single connection with £15 per extra connection. so four rooms in your house for £145.