Home network

Today's home is one that is connected with an average of 6 devices connected to the internet. We have multiple solutions to make your connected home life run smoothly. Often people rely solely on WiFi which mostly works but in some circumstances the good old wired network cant be beaten for reliability and speed.


We use only quality Cat5e and Cat6 cables that we make ourselves so that they are the ideal size for your solution. There will be no unsightly reels of cable lying around we will always have our cables hidden to your specifications. We can use trunking or we can clip the cables around your premises. Remember that hard wires solutions are faster, more reliable and more secure than wireless so if those are your priorities then cables are the answer.

Office Network

If you need a high speed, secure office network we can deliver. Using the best quality products we will have your operation connected and running smoothly. Please contact us for a free site visit and quotation.