WiFi Hub relocation

There are not many installers that will "happily" install your hub in the best location for signal distribution. The reason for this is simple they need to get the install done and only have limited time to do so. This leads to customers with dead spots in their home, we will Happily relocate your broadband hub to maximize your signal distribution just contact us for details.

Signal Boosters

Sometimes you need to boost your signal, some homes are just to big for your current wireless router, or maybe you want to offer WiFi in your business or as part of a service to your customers. We can offer a solution to meet any requirement big or small, just drop us a message and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.

Phone line based WiFi

Telephone based broadband is not as fast as cable and can be limited by the location of your master socket. We have many solutions for this problem but often the simplest one is to just move your master socket to the optimum location that will maximize your signal coverage. People spend a lot of money on signal boosters and other solutions when nine times out of ten the best option is to move the router itself.